Website promotion in the USA

Extensive practical experience of promotion in various spheres of activity.
Use of original author’s developments.
The team of professionals implements a systematic approach in solving problems and is focused on results.
Affordable cost – the price of our services is lower than the market average in the EU, given the comparable result of promotion of the site in the search engine rankings.

Optimization of the site is made in accordance with a pre-designed plan, after approval by the customer. Promotion strategy takes into account all the nuances of the client.

Promotion of sites in the English segment of the Internet has a lot of nuances. Specialists of our company have extensive experience in promoting websites in Canada, the USA, Australia and Europe. The result is determined by several parameters:

  • Increase in traffic – including branded queries;
  • Conversion of visits to the managers and / or ordering services, products and so on;
  • Depth of site visit, determined by the number of pages viewed per session;
  • Number of bounces.
10 years
in the English-speaking segment of the Internet
of successfully completed orders
5 times
more visits and incoming applications
by 70%
better link profile

Website promotion price in Europe

Our company offers 3 tariffs that determine the content of a comprehensive promotion service:
Recommended for small non-commercial and/or non-competitive websites. SEO-optimization and the minimum required amount of reference mass are performed.
It is advisable to use to promote highly competitive commercial sites. A comprehensive SEO optimization strategy is being formed using significant volumes of links and filling with relevant information.
Deep Dive
The most effective approach that involves a comprehensive link strategy using links of different types: end-to-end, 301 redirects, submits, PBN.

Promotion of sites of the English-speaking segment of the Internet

IMPORTANT! Over the past year of our work, all customers were satisfied with the services provided.
Analysis of the competitive environment

The first step is to identify the main competitors in the top search engines. When identifying competitors, all types of queries are used: high-frequency, medium-frequency and low-frequency.

The study and analysis of the content of the main competitors. Determination of text type (informative, journalistic, commercial, scientific), frequency of occurrence of keys, images, number of characters, etc.

Evaluation of the link profile: domain zone, type of sites from which links and click-through rates, anchor list, etc. Search for hidden features that give a competitive advantage.

Qualitative traffic analysis - target audience, pages with maximum traffic, sources of traffic, etc.

Site Optimization

Code audit (technical) is performed - our specialists will find and fix all the technical errors that prevent the site to move to the top of search engines.

Selection of relevant queries and their clustering to optimize the semantic core with respect to the ranking algorithms of the leading search engines;

Internal optimization is performed. Work with meta tags, title, description, H1 headings is carried out. Micro markup is introduced, non-stock most relevant images are selected, internal relinking is performed.


After the development of the semantic kernel based on the analysis of competitors' sites, general terms of reference for the structure of relevant texts are prepared. Useful, interesting and high-quality content is created. Filling the site with relevant and interesting information attracts visitors to various blogs, websites and other thematic resources, creating an additional array of links.

Link building

Based on an analysis of the link profiles of the most successful competitors, an anchor list is compiled. It specifies the most popular types of links and effective queries. The strategy is built on the basis of this information, which allows you to form the highest quality thematic links.

The link profile should be as diverse as possible to reach as much of the target audience as possible. Links in comments, articles and press releases, guest posts on other topical sites, social networks, etc. are used for transition. A properly formulated strategy allows for a smooth growth of the array of links without sharp ups and downs, respectively.

Specifics of promotion of English-language sites

Promoting the site in the English segment of the Internet has some specificity associated with both the peculiarities of search algorithms and the use of other search engines.

The most popular search engines

The U.S. and Canada, as well as most Western European countries, have a similar situation in terms of the percentage of search engine usage:

  • Google – 65.6%;
  • Bing – 19,8%;
  • Yahoo – 12,8%
  • Ask – 1,8%;
  • AOL – 1,1%.

Most search algorithms use the following criteria to rank sites:

  • Relevance and quality of content – how fully meets the needs and expectations of users;
  • The presence of backlinks and cross-references;
  • Availability of adaptive versions for different types of mobile devices;
  • The loading speed of all scripts on the site;
  • Usability and internal structure optimization;
  • Security – the use of encryption algorithms, both for data storage and transmission.

As practice shows in Europe, the most popular way to promote a site is local. That is, strengthening the position is not concerned with the overall ranking, but a particular region:, city or neighborhood. In this case, the provision of services can be divided into two main parts: external and internal optimization.

One of the main criteria for Google, in contrast to the search engines Runet, are cross references.

Preparing for promotion

Before you start creating a strategy for promotion, you must perform a certain list of actions in preparation, namely the collection of information. Compiled a “portrait” of the target audience: age, gender, interests, etc. Competitor sites are identified, affecting the same audience. They can be calculated both by direct requests and indirect links, which are presented on thematic portals, message boards or link aggregators. Internal and external audits are performed to identify all problems in the structure, functionality and content of the site.

Based on the information obtained, a strategy is formed, which includes SEO optimization, selection of keywords and determining their frequency, forming a semantic core and the selection of the most effective keywords.

What affects the cost of promotion?

The procedure of obtaining natural links in the English segment of the Internet is much more difficult than in Runet, because Google has a very negative attitude to buying links on specialized exchangers.

Social networks in Europe

The most popular social networks are Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit.

They bring together a lot of people in groups of interest. In fact, this is already formed a target audience for sites of different directions. Attracting this volume of potential customers is one of the main articles SEO optimizers.



Why the cost of site promotion in Europe is significantly higher than in Russia?

Why the cost of site promotion in Europe is significantly higher than in Russia?

How fast is the promotion of sites, for example, in Google?

As practice shows, the first results become noticeable in a month and a half. After that, a growth plan is drawn up covering the next quarter.

Is it worth buying links to promote the site in the West and where can it be done?

Is it worth buying links to promote the site in the West and where can it be done?