No. 1 by student reviews in Belarus

Internet Marketing Courses

  • Teach what pays well (from $1,000).
  • With a strong practical part (promotion of the enterprise in 17 countries of the world).
  • No. 1 in Belarusian reviews.
  • One satisfied client brings three that pay well.
  • International certificate + 5 elective certificates.
  • 25% of students work in IT, with good preferences.
  • Provide $ 300 (for advertising in Google Ads) in the Republic of Belarus and $ 500 in Europe.
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Marketing Course for the Eager to Make Money

We will teach you all the knowledge and skills of a real online marketer. Our course includes 95% of classes devoted to practice and case analysis, so you’ll become a specialist who can increase your business income and work anywhere in the world.

At the course you:

  • Learn on a personal project (or we’ll give you one).
  • Analyze the basic tools of the online professional.
  • With your goals and entrepreneurial objectives in mind, prepare a media plan.
  • You’ll learn how to scale your enterprise.
  • You’ll learn how to increase your profits by 20% (in 3 months);
  • You will launch an advertising campaign in Yandex, Google, Instagram.
  • Develop a personalized sales strategy.
  • Build a portfolio for job placement.
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Online digital marketing course

42 stream
13.07. – 30.11.22
Wednesday, 7 p.m.
Live Homework Breakdowns.
4 months
86 hours
68 video lessons
43 stream
01.08. – 19.12.22
Monday, 7 p.m.
Live Homework Breakdowns.
4 months
86 hours
68 video lessons
44 stream
16.08. – 03.01.22
Monday, 7 p.m.
Live Homework Breakdowns.
4 months
86 hours
68 video lessons
Change your life in

Our goal is to optimize your career!

We teach you both through lecture material and practice, so that you acquire certain skills as an online marketer.

students were able to increase their personal check when they passed;
of trainees are absolutely satisfied with the course and recommend it to their acquaintances;
people have joined our community.

What happens after training:

Master your desired profession from scratch. We give you the basics, we show you everything literally on your fingers.
You will understand the right way to find clients and the peculiarities of working with them.
You will master all the subtleties of working with the advertising offices. You will be able to run 8 advertising campaigns.
You’ll learn how to make your creatives without the help of experts. You will master the tools of Figma and Canva.
Learn how to write sales texts in the spirit of Oligwee. We will provide more than 30 copywriting formulas.
You’ll be able to make some extra money. Many students were able to get a job while studying (with the help of a closed chat with employers).

About Us

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Andrei Gusarov. I have been developing the GUSAROV Internet Marketing Agency for 10.5 years. In my own experience mastered the skills, which I am sharing with you.

The course is based on entrepreneurial needs, it will contribute to the effective work in a dynamic mode. You can join us on social networks. We have our own YouTube channel, where we regularly post content that distracts from the events of February and March.


Who could benefit from this course?

A cumulative course in digital marketing. Data for creating SEO products, contextual advertising and SMM consists of theory and practice.

The course is for you if: You are not yet versed in this field and intend to change your profession to a more successful one.

We will increase your weight in the marketplace and you will have a successful career. You’ll know a lot more than your colleagues, and you’ll be able to add real value to the company. We’ll put our cards in your hands. You’ll learn how to promote yourself online in a comprehensive and systematic way. After the course, you’ll find remote work and the opportunity to earn from your knowledge. Get a better-paying job in a fast-growing and in-demand field.

We can help you find a job for you. In addition we will prepare a cover letter. It will reflect our impression of you as a person and a specialist. You will be recommended by respected marketing authorities, unlike other applicants. This will give you an advantage in the interview.

The course is for you if: You are a trainee or graduate wishing to become a professional

Our course is designed to meet real needs. It is based on the requirements of employers for future employees in the field of Internet marketing. It is based on convenient online training with effective feedback. With adjustments to the material to the actual needs of listeners. Conducted in a fun way that helps you better absorb the material. And also you’re stimulated by communication with the instructors in a lively, relaxed atmosphere. Practical experience from the first day of the course. The course is built on a large amount of practical knowledge. You deal with specific situations, which you can immediately use in real life. You leave us a ready-made specialist!

The course is for you if: You are a manager or entrepreneur, intending to train yourself and train your employees.

Learn on your own! Get a great return on your online advertising. Your advertising campaigns will reach their goals. Everything you do on the Internet will now be like the skillful management of a well-oiled smart mechanism. You will stop making mistakes that can harm your company’s image and reputation. You will find your target audience and learn to speak to it in the same language. Dramatically increase the sales of your business on the Internet. With this knowledge you will find it easier to communicate with your online marketers!

We will prepare for you the top excellent specialists in Internet marketing. Give us your employees for training! They’ll come back with creative ideas that blow up sales. Want to train your entire department? Conduct corporate training with adjustments as you wish. We can enhance the course with the knowledge that is relevant to your business. Are you training yourself? Now it will be easier for you to communicate with your Internet marketers!

Control over internet contractors. You will no longer be misled by incomprehensible terms and scary words. You will understand perfectly well what to do and how much it costs. And most importantly, how to measure the effectiveness of each advertising action. You will perfectly master the intricacies of each area of Internet marketing. If you pay, you pay for a specific result!

The course is for you if: You are a marketer looking to make money in IT dollars.

Many people want to become IT people, even marketing people. This is attractive, because such companies also employ marketers, but with certain nuances. You will learn what a specialist should be like, what the differences are between IT marketing and other marketing areas. And most importantly, you will learn how to make a tangible profit.

You are unlikely to be suited to the course if:

You intend to take retraining, but you don’t aspire to do your homework and attend electives.

You intend to limit yourself to a lecture course for skills and practical application.

You want to be trained on the example of your own company, but you do not study the innovations and do not practically implement them.

Training is provided at the company’s expense!

Download a letter to the director

How does an online marketing course work?

You carry out a study of the topics of the block:
  • 50 hours of training;
  • Actual video tutorials for online marketers on the essentials;
You do the tasks:
  • We reinforce everything we have learned in class by doing it;
  • A comfortable work rhythm and constant access to lecture materials.
Collaborate with educators:
  • proper review of assignments and regular feedback;
  • consideration of controversial nuances, answering questions (in private chat).
You are defending your thesis:
  • supplementing your personal portfolio with a diploma;
  • certification after successful completion of training.

Our students’ notes

On the course, each student maintains his or her own outline. With this approach, knowledge cannot fail to be absorbed!


Course syllabus

86 lecture hours, testing, 68 practical assignments. We analyze homework assignments live (once a week). Internships (after the course) are provided for the final quality check of the skills obtained.

No-limit access to lecture files, videos provided by the course. A closed chat with vacancies is available for trainees!

5 tasks that the Internet marketing course solves

  1. Lots of theory
  2. Own achievements
  3. Little practice
  4. No responsibility
  5. Will it work or not

Lots of theory

There’s no point in learning theory that you don’t apply in life. We’ve left in the program only those things that really affect business profits and are aimed at systematizing marketing.

There’s no point in learning theory that you don’t apply in life.

Own achievements

I want each student to have not just a portfolio, but their own cases that you get from practicing in the course.

I want each student to have not just a portfolio, but their own cases that you get from practicing in the course.

Little practice

No one likes a beginner. Without a portfolio, a future employer has little interest in you. Your own cases instead of an outline will remove the feeling of insecurity about yourself and what you do.

No responsibility

We just don’t have that. Homework is a student’s work project, in which everyone sees the result (attendance, conversion, average check, etc.).

Homework is a student’s work project, in which everyone sees the result (attendance, conversion, average check, etc.).

Will it work or not

We checked. It works for people who have zero knowledge in their luggage. On request, we can give you the contacts of 3 students who are now studying and have started from scratch!

Course instructors

Andrey Gusarov
Marketing agency director GUSAROV
TOP 3 Speaker on Internet marketing in the CIS according to Aspeak rating
Mentor of the Year by a vote at Global Entrepreneurship Week
Entered the TOP 30 successful entrepreneurs under 30 years old (too bad I’m 36 now:)
Julia Kazarovets
SMM-specialist in EDU GUSAROV.
Runs targeted ads in the CIS and Europe.
Works with budgets of $50 per day and above.
Pavel Buevich
Head of seo GUSAROV
TOP 10 SEO specialist in the CIS according to Serpstat
TOP 3 Speaker of the Belarusian Marketing Week
Mikhail Karanevich
Head of Paid Traffic Department at GUSAROV Agency
510.000$ – budget of Paid traffic management for one year
Leads 45+ projects from CIS, Europe, USA

Internship and Employment

Trainees are taken to the agency for internships. Already 518 people (as of January 2022) have passed this test and reliably cemented their knowledge on personal projects!

Internship Program:
In the field of online marketing (1 month).
  1. Competitive analysis using SimilarWeb.
  2. Packaging competitive analysis.
  3. Proimage or transformation on an existing site.
  4. Increasing the conversion rate of the provided product (quizzes).
  5. Maximum conversion of the provided product (chatbots).
  6. Creation of a “thank you” page and a bonus for it (lead magnet).
  7. SendPulse CA warm-up email containing a welcome message.
  8. Collaboration with Serpstat. Competitive analysis (in search and advertising). Consideration of the needs/problems of the CA.
  9. Seo-improvement of the resource.
  10. Preparation and correction of articles (in
Contextual advertising internship (1 month) on:
  1. The rules of Yandex Direct and Google Ads.
  2. Semantic collection and analysis of minus-words.
  3. Writing ads.
  4. Formation of loaders.
  5. Launch and debugging of advertising campaigns.
  6. Setting goals in Google Tag Manager and combining metrics.
  7. Building remarketing lists and debugging them.
  8. Reporting.
  9. Learn search-Din, YouTube ads, Facebook ads, smartbanners, etc. as needed.
SMM Internship (15 days)
  1. Study of the target audience and its requests + product – 1 day.
  2. Competitive analysis – 3 days.
  3. Study of the account set – visual, highlighters, name, profile outline with UTP – 1 day.
  4. Decomposition – calculation in accordance with the available information (sales value, the required number of leads, advertising budget, profit on purchase, total costs, costs per sale). If the information is not provided, then the changes in the funnel stages are calculated – 2 days.
  5. Content plan for 12 posts (popsters, etc.) – 2 days.
  6. Content plan for 40 posts (mojo, inshot, etc.) – 2 days.
  7. Visual ToR for 3 posts (canva, lightroom, facetune, etc.) – 2 days.
  8. Contest – 2 days.
If you need more…

…we will help you create a portfolio and a relevant CV with advice from a professional. We will make you an advertising professional who knows how to promote himself competently, a professional who knows what he can be valuable to the employer.

Wage of an Internet marketer in Minsk

Data source: for 2022.

Junior ($290 to $550)

Middle (From $550 to $1,200)

Senior ($1,200 to $2,500)

Internet Marketer
Salary from: 600 $

Professional Skills:

  • I create audiences with subsegments and customer portraits
  • I create contact points, make them sell, check the conversion rate
  • I will develop the internet marketing strategy of the company from scratch for several markets (in terms of geography)
  • Develop content strategy for emails, taking into account the strategy
  • I regularly audit the site (technical, SEO, usability and marketing)
  • Filling the site with content (statement of work, edits and updates)
  • Supervise contractors and adjust KPIs

Studying online is convenient

It is important to us that you are not left alone with problems when you do your homework. Each lesson ends with a test, and tutors communicate with each student and provide guidance on projects.

  • Homework assignment №1
  • Homework assignment №2
  • Homework assignment №3
  • Homework assignment №4
  • Homework assignment №5
  • Screencasts

Companies that have trained with us

Representatives of these companies know about the quality of our training. And that’s why they will gladly take our students for internships and employment!


Tariffs and Cost of Internet Marketing Courses

Online lectures and assignments that can equate to a year of work await you.

On the record.
  • 37 videos
  • 33 presentations
  • Homework
  • Additional materials
    (checklists, screencasts, templates)
  • Tests after each module
  • 24/7 consulting
  • Access to the alumni chat on Telegram
  • Bonus lesson on career counseling
  • Certificate
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830 BYN / 319 $
Reserve a seat
Alive Gusarov
  • 37 videos
  • 33 presentations
  • 4 additional classes
  • Homework with review and analysis from teachers
  • Supplementary materials
    (checklists, screencasts, templates)
  • Various learning formats
    (tests, webinars, workshops)
  • 24/7 Consulting
  • Access to the closed chat of students on Telegram
  • Access to the closed chat of graduates in Telegram
  • Thesis defense
  • 12 bonus lessons, including career counseling
  • Online events for students and alumni
  • Certificate
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • International Certificate (paid)
  • 100% money-back guarantee within 7 days of tuition commencement
Show More Show Less
1040 BYN / 399 $
Reserve a seat
More knowledge
  • 37 videos
  • 33 presentations
  • 4 additional lessons + 1 workshop
  • Homework with review and analysis by teachers
  • Additional materials
    (checklists, screencasts, templates)
  • Variety of training formats
    (tests, webinars, workshops)
  • 24/7 consulting
  • Access to the closed student chat on Telegram
  • Access to the closed alumni chat room on Telegram
  • Thesis defense
  • 12 bonus lessons, including career counseling
  • Online events for students and alumni
  • Certificate
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • International Certificate (paid)
  • 100% money-back guarantee within 7 days of course start
  • Curatorial support after the end of the course for 30 days
  • Online Consultation by Andrei Gusarov
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1650 1490 BYN / 629 569 $
Reserve a seat

Installment plan!

On rates “Live GUSAROV” and “More knowledge” there is an installment payment for residents of Russia and Belarus! You can pay for the course in 3 months by equal installments. Installment payment for 4 months is available for university students.

We have also agreed with the bank on the installment payment for a long period: 6/10/12/15/18/24/36 months.

Cost: from $13/month.

Student Case

The demand for a specialist grows every year. The Internet marketer forms a set of tools to promote a product and evaluates their effectiveness. He knows how to work with analytics, test hypotheses, create engaging content and build communication with the audience.


Partner in the Department of Marketing at the BSU Institute of Business

The faculty of the department is trained with us, the level of the course is highly appreciated.

Course instructors are present at commissions (to defend master’s theses on marketing).

EDUGUSAROV is in its own way the only courses associated with a branch of the university marketing department in Belarus.



They contribute to quick employment:

  1. Upon completion of the course.
  2. After the internship.
  3. AMOCrm.
  4. By video tips for successful students.
  5. By international certificate (if all homework and tests are passed).
Certificate of completion of internship
Certificate for completing the introductory course
Certificate of completion of courses
Certificate from amoCRM

Advanced marketing agency GUSAROV

AMOCrm. By video tips for successful students. By international certificate (if all homework and tests are passed).

Our students work with real client accounts during their courses. We teach you how to develop a unified account management style, how to make content bright and individual.

1st place
Contextual advertising agency in the ranking
1st place
In the ranking of the agency to promote sites
1st place
In the ranking of agencies to promote sites
3rd place
In the ranking of SEO-companies in Belarus
1st place
In the ranking of the top 50 digital agencies in the baynet
1st place
In the ranking of SEO-studios

We are trusted by the experts

Read opinions from leading experts and educators from across the Commonwealth of Independent States

Ilya Rusakov
Ilya Rusakov

Head of agency and instructor at Netology, Skillbox, Business Environment, SkillFactory, and Synergy

I definitely recommend Andrei Gusarov’s courses!
I myself have been teaching online schools in the field of Internet marketing for more than 5 years, and I know this field of study from beginning to end. I can say with confidence that EDUGUSAROV has one of the most comprehensive and high-quality courses on the online education market.
Andrew shared the “inner kitchen” – a competent structure, everything is consistent, all the fundamental things are explained. After you have completed the course you can easily take the course and lead your project, since the knowledge is fully applicable.

Alice Bolokhovets
Alice Bolokhovets

CEO of BAMS Marketing Studio, SMO of Academician Grishchenko Clinic

I recommend courses on Internet marketing from Andrei Gusarov’s team.
1. Here is a collection of “not water”, but the experience of active marketers and specialists of the digital market. Knowledge “from the hands” of practitioners, not theorists;
2. Comprehensive approach: marketing is a system, you can not learn 1 area and not touch the other. courses give a wide range of knowledge in different areas of modern marketing.
3. Support of the curator and a certificate upon completion. On the one hand, the answers to students’ questions from a practitioner is an opportunity to immediately “feel” the labor market in practice. On the other hand, the certificate of training – is a distinct advantage in employment, because the Gusarova Agency is a team of well-known professionals with bright cases and results.

Roman Verdysh
Roman Verdysh

Private SEO-optimizer and

Previously, I taught a block of SEO in EduGusarov courses and saw how everything started. How the program was built, how it was often adjusted and improved in every way.
I am sure that now these are really the coolest courses in Internet marketing with a practical orientation.
There really is a shortage of specialists in the marketplace and it’s good that there are guys who are trying to train them at a decent level.

Nikita Antonov
Nikita Antonov

Head of the agency "Alpha.Site", organizer of the conference "Turgenev Digital", lecturer and author of courses at SkillBox, GeekBrains, Netology.

I recommend Andrei’s course for beginners as well as for those who are already in the subject and want to systematize their skills. The focus on practice and implementation is their strength.

The course is talked about because there are results

123 Internet marketing reviews on Google, 22 reviews on Yandex, 17 reviews on Facebook

  • Facebook
  • Audio

Courses on Internet marketing. Kirill

Courses on Internet marketing. Marina

Courses on Internet marketing. Eugene

Courses on Internet marketing. Natalia

Courses on Internet marketing. Mikhail


Answer Andrey Gusarov
Answer Andrey Gusarov
Course instructor
Director of the GUSAROV agency
Answered by Anastasia Abramovich
Answered by Anastasia Abramovich
Specialist in contextual advertising
How and where does the training take place?

The training format is online and recorded.
All lessons are recorded and waiting for you on the platform. Homework assignments are also recorded there, so you can do everything at your own pace and when it’s convenient for you.

The live sessions are on Zoom, and the homework review is on the Antitraining platform.

You will also be a member of a closed student chat room and a closed alumni chat room in Telegram, where you can chat and ask questions. Video clips of homework assignments are also made to reinforce your knowledge.

When does the training take place?

Meetings begin at 7:00 p.m.

Depending on the group’s enrollment, online meetings are held on different days of the week. Your day will be told by your manager when you sign up.

And, if you can’t attend, there is always a recording of the online meeting you missed.

How do you check and review your homework?

After each lesson, you are given homework to reinforce what you have learned.

After completing the assignment, you send it to the Antitraining platform, where the instructor checks the homework and gives feedback, and, if necessary, calls you with comments.

If you have any questions, the instructor always helps with their solution: corrects mistakes together with you and completes the necessary materials.

In the end, you get a ready-made case for your portfolio.

What will be the homework?

Homework will be varied, as the Internet Marketing course includes blocks on Internet marketing, SMM, contextual advertising.

Examples of homework:

  • Competitor market analysis;
  • Building a customer journey map (CJM);
  • Structuring quality functions (QFD);
  • Writing and finalizing a content plan;
  • Setting up contextual advertising;
  • Setting up targeting advertising;
  • Working with numbers in marketing to build strategy.
Can I learn from my project? What if I don’t have a project?

You can choose what you feel comfortable with.

If you have a project, you can work with it. If not, we will provide your project.

If I realize I don’t like teaching?

We are ready to refund 100% of your money within 7 days if you realize that internet marketing is not for you!

Why study with you? What are your advantages?

We’re doing everything we can to help you decide whether or not the profession of an Internet marketer is right for you:

  • We offer you a free class.
  • We hold free webinars.
  • Ready to refund 100% of the cost within 7 days if you realize the course is not right for you.

We offer discounts and installments for your convenience:

  • Early booking discount of 100 Belarusian rubles.
  • Installment for 3 months.

We expand our program for better mastering of the educational material and acquiring new knowledge:

  • Additional lessons.
  • Bonus lessons.
  • Online events.

We help you throughout your training and beyond:

  • 24/7 teacher support and consultation.
  • Checking and reviewing homework.
  • Private Telegram chat for course graduates.

We make classes interesting:

  • Minimum boring theory and maximum practice.
  • Variety of training formats (tests, webinars, screencasts, checklists, workshops).

We will prepare you for a job change:

  • A career counseling class.
  • Portfolio with first case studies.
  • Recommendation letters.
  • Internship.

You will be able to prove your knowledge and receive 2 certificates, one of which is international.

What skills will I learn on the course?

Learn the basic working tools of an Internet marketer;

  • You will be able to set up contextual advertising in Yandex and Google Ads;
  • Learn how to scale your business;
  • Develop your own strategy;
  • Set up targeted advertising on Facebook, Vkontakte, OK, My Target;
  • Learn professional techniques for working with text;
  • Learn to create a media plan for the goals and objectives of the business.
Is there an internship after graduation?

After completing the course, you will be able to do an internship at our agency to reinforce your knowledge gained during the training.

You can choose the amount of time you spend on your internship (it all depends on the purpose of the internship).

We will help you to improve the old and gain new knowledge! By doing the same task twice, you will be much more confident in yourself and in your result.

Do you help with employment?

We provide the best students with letters of recommendation and video testimonials to help increase their chances in the job market.

We also have a graduate chat room where job openings from our partners appear.

Your job placement will depend entirely on you doing all your homework and being productive in the course.

If you do all of this, you will have a good portfolio and a baggage of knowledge with which you can easily get a job.

We will encourage and assist you in achieving your goal.

What document will I get after the training?

If you pass your diploma thesis successfully, you will receive a certificate.

You can also buy an international certificate in English from the educational platform for 25£

Can I count on teacher support after training?

You can always count on our support. To that end, we have created an alumni chat room where we ask questions, share experiences, and help each other.

Will I be able to learn with zero knowledge?

Yes! We designed the program so that it can be mastered by a beginner.

If any questions arise?

You will be assigned a supervisor and instructors who will promptly answer all of your questions.

Which rate should I choose?

It all depends on your desires and financial possibilities.

If you want to study offline, the “In Record” plan is right for you.

This rate does NOT include: extra classes, access to closed student chat, a variety of training formats, 10 bonus classes, online events, a letter of recommendation, a money-back guarantee, and a thesis defense.

If you want 100% knowledge, the “Live Hussar” plan is for you. This rate is basic and includes everything you need to successfully master the curriculum online with your instructors.

The “More Knowledge” tariff is great for business owners who need advice on current tasks outside of the training program.

What kind of work will I be able to do after I graduate?

You can work as an Internet marketer or choose your favorite specialization: contextual advertising specialist; SMM-specialist; content marketer; target marketer; Email marketer; SEO-specialist and many others.

How to pay?
  1. You send an application;
  2. We contact you and answer your questions (identify your needs);
  3. If everything suits you, then we send you a link to pay by card (for individuals) or do the contract (for legal entities).
How to become an Internet marketer? Where to start?

An Internet marketer is a professional who uses online tools to attract and retain customers and takes steps to increase a company’s credibility. To master the profession, you do not need to study at a specialized educational institution. It is enough to take preparatory courses and move on to practice

Free courses. If you don’t know if the profession is right for you, this is the best option to enter. But you must remember that the basic course will not be enough to reach a good level of income – for this you need to continue paid or self-study

Paid courses

This is the easiest and fastest option to start your career from scratch. We will help you choose the direction and in a short time you will receive all the skills you need. After training you will receive a diploma and a portfolio. You will be able to find your first clients and get first money even before you complete the whole training course.


The main difficulty with self-study is that you have to master mountains of content. And poorly guided, that it is worth studying at the output you get scrappy knowledge.

What does Internet marketing involve?

Internet marketing is the action of attracting goods and services using online tools.
Internet marketing includes:

  • Search Engine Marketing, SEO
  • Social media promotion
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Virus marketing
  • Media and contextual advertising
  • Branding
What kind of education should a marketer have?

The question is not about education, but about the skills of a specialist. It is possible to start a career in Internet marketing without a specialized higher education. To do this, you can take practice-oriented courses in Internet marketing and consolidate your skills on an internship.

How much does it cost to train as a marketer?

There are universities that provide the opportunity to study at the specialty “Marketing”, “Internet-marketing”. Training is about 5 years and the cost of a year of study varies from 3000 BYN and above (full-time/paid department).

It is always possible to find a suitable option for yourself and not to spend so much time to become a specialist and gain experience in practice. What stretches over several years of study at university, you can master at the intensive courses on Internet marketing. The cost is much more pleasant, from 830 BYN and training without water.

What does a novice marketer need to know?

A novice Internet marketer needs to know how these tools work.
Yandex.Direct or Google AdWords – setting up advertising campaigns and evaluating their effectiveness.

Targeted advertising – setting up targeting ads on social networks.
Blogging and content marketing – work with opinion leaders, influencers and media.

SMM – maintenance of communities, publics, personal pages with attraction of subscribers, community management and engagement.
Web-site layout, landing pages, mailing lists, blogs-assigning tasks to outside or in-house specialists.

Web analytics – the ability to set goals and draw conclusions from statistics.

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Will it be hard for me to do homework if I'm starting from 0 at all?

Not easy. But you have to realize that if you’re going to learn from 0, it should be hard. It’d be weird if it wasn’t.

What is the best choice as a training project?

If you are sure that they will follow your recommendations and make edits to the site on homework, you can do it on your website. Otherwise, it’s better to choose a project that Andrei’s team suggests. Because this way you will be able to track the results of your work online.

I still have fears that I won't be able to physically pull it off and I won't be able to do my homework on time

Don’t worry. There are no strict deadlines on the courses, as it happens in other educational centers. Homework can be handed in even after the end of a block or the whole course within 1 month.

I'm worried that I won't be able to fully immerse myself in internet marketing anyway

For such cases, there is an internship where you can once again, only in a more detailed and in-depth way, solve problems that will set you apart from other applicants for cool vacancies.

What is the job of an internet marketer?

The key responsibilities of an internet marketer are to work with the company’s revenue through audience acquisition and retention channels. He is responsible for the growth of website traffic, number of leads, conversion rate, average check, and return rate of visitors and customers.

How to become an internet marketer where to start?

You should start learning about internet marketing with the basics and how the field works. Which channels and what are responsible for what, you need:

  1. Know the basics of advertising channels and understand how you can work with numbers.
  2. Confidently know the terms CR, CTR, CPC, CPA, CPL, LTV and others. These words should not put you in a stupor.
  3. Basic excel or google spreadsheet skills. Marketing – numbers, all reports will be in excel.
  4. Knowledge of analytics systems Yandex Metrica and Google Analytics. Ability to work with Google Tag Manager.
  5. Understanding of the basics of website optimization and the ability to control the SEO contractor.
  6. Understanding of the importance of end-to-end analytics and ability to work CRM.
How long should I study to become an internet marketer?

In universities, education lasts 4-5 years, but it is often detached from practice. Very often tools change and some channels become irrelevant. The ideal study duration is from 3 to 6 months. This way students do not lose the knowledge they acquired in the beginning and can start to make money. Many students take their first projects for money already in the first month of education.

It is important that students are instructed by professionals who are connected with the realities of small and medium-sized businesses, which means that they work on the front lines of business and are aware of what works and what does not work in May 2022.

What is the salary of an internet marketer?

As of May 23, 2022, starting salaries for an internet marketer start at $300. Hundreds of job openings do not require experience. Employers are willing to take an employee with basic knowledge and teach to fit.

In order to grow wages, we advise to specialize and work under a specific niche. For such specialists they are ready to pay 35-50% more than the average rates on the market.

What is the difference between SMM and internet marketing?

The key task of an internet marketer is to work with all channels of customer engagement, including SMM. He must have a broad outlook and possess a set of tools that allow him to solve business problems. An SMM specialist creates and develops sales only from social networks.

What kind of education should a marketer have?

There are no common standards and certifications like ISO for the marketing profession. You may not even have a college degree and make money in marketing. The times when a degree and having a specialty in the profile are a thing of the past. It is worth noting that the exception is work in government agencies.

How do you get started in internet marketing?

We advise you to go by the notebook and find your first client for free. Tell him that you are going to learn digital marketing courses, show him the program and work with him.

Also on the courses we teach you ways to get your first clients and how to package yourself as a specialist.

What kind of knowledge does a marketer need?

A marketer must know and be able to:

  1. Create a strategy based on competitors and market.
  2. Plan and develop a budget for the realization of business objectives based on the tools relevant to the sphere.
  3. To control the course of advertising campaigns and be able to adjust them independently in the channels of quick receipt of leads – contextual and targeted advertising.
  4. To work not only on attraction, but also on retention. Have a plan for the growth of the average paycheck.
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Course: what does it include?

You won’t wait for the first lesson, you’ll start learning right away. We will send you 6 short lessons and give you a test that students take at the end of the first month!

What does the course include?

  • Six short lessons (10-15 minutes each).
  • An introduction to the online marketing profession (as of 2022).
  • Disclosure of the specifics of earning from the knowledge gained.
  • Providing related information to help students not get confused.

    Author of the mini-course – Andrei Gusarov
    Director of GUSAROV Marketing Agency
    Top 3 speakers on Internet marketing in the CIS