Social Media Marketing Course

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Online course: SMM training from Zero to Middle

  • Work with real projects.
  • Feedback from teachers.
  • Teach what helps you earn.
  • More than 50 hours of practice and a minimum of theory.
  • Support during training and employment.
  • We teach everything in one course: no need to pay for additional classes.
  • International level certificate, which will help in employment.

      SMM courses that teach how to earn income

      We’ll help you understand how to make money through a unified promotion strategy. You will receive knowledge that will help you earn income in social networks.

      After the training, you will be able to:

      Develop an effective strategy for making money.

      Create packaging that compels customers to make a purchase.

      Perform targeting ads on social networks such as OK, Facebook and so on.

      Create content that subscribers will be happy to forward to their friends.

      Come up with creative ideas for promotion.

      Sell your services.

        Your training will begin


        Internet marketing + SMM

        Let’s get to know each other

        My name is Andrei Gusarov. For more than 10 years I have been developing GUSAROV, one of the leading Internet marketing agencies. When developing the online course, I used only practical knowledge that I gained from my own experience.
        What I offer can be called not a course, but a master class: you won’t just be a spectator, but an active participant in real projects.
        The proposed course takes into account all the marketing aspects of the business, so that after the training, you will be able to interact with them like a real professional.

        If you want to learn more, just subscribe to our social media accounts. We have our own YouTube channel, where we regularly publish useful videos about promotion, from which you will learn how to increase your profits. Many interesting videos are published here.

        Студенты проходят обучение по digital-маркетингу

        Whom it suits

        The SMM course is suitable for learning only for those who understand that social networks are not only about liking cats, but also about buying.

        An SMM specialist is a person who makes a profit, not a person who wishes everyone a good morning and Happy New Year!

        Everyone knows that the main emphasis in higher education is on theoretical knowledge, which has little to do with real life. If you don’t want to spend 5 years of your life on this, then our online course is exactly for you. In just 3.5 months of training with us, you will learn how the actual situation in today’s Internet marketing.

        How the course goes

        Studying the topic of the module

        • 50 hours of training with professional instructors
        • practical video lessons on the essentials for an Internet marketer

        Performing tasks

        • Practice everything we've practiced in class
        • comfortable pace of work and access to lectures at any time

        Working with a mentor

        • Quality checking of assignments and constant feedback
        • discussion of difficult moments, answering questions in private chat

        Defending your thesis

        • Complete your portfolio with your thesis
        • receive a certificate of successful course completion

        Our students’ notes

        On the course, each student maintains his or her own outline. With this approach, knowledge cannot fail to be absorbed!

        Program to help you achieve your goals

        Online lectures and assignments are waiting for you, the completion of which can equate to a year of work.

        Module 1: Introduction to SMM. Strategy in SMM. Positioning .

        • What is SMM
        • Goals and objectives of SMM
        • The main competencies of an SMM-specialist
        • How does marketing in social networks work
        • What a marketing strategy consists of
        • How to segment the audience
        • What is positioning
        • How to create a positioning

        After completing the module you will structure your knowledge in the field of SMM, learn the basic steps and learn about the basic principles of advertising in social networks.

        Assessment of the module by students:

        Module 2: Designing an Instagram account. Personal and public Facebook page. Multi-links and Highlights

        • What is a name and a username
        • Basic creation mistakes
        • Account Registration
        • What is a personal Facebook page and how to keep it
        • How to create a Facebook business page
        • How to link a Facebook business page to Instagram
        • What is a multilink
        • What are highlighters and what sections should be in a commercial account

        You will learn about all types of SMM strategies and content, you will be able to create a content plan and learn how to use services to work with SMM.

        Assessment of the module by students:

        Module 3. Content Marketing

        • What is content, types of content
        • What is a reference and where to find them
        • How to use statistics and what to record
        • Who are subscribers and subscriptions
        • What are rubrics
        • Correlation of content rubrics
          What are the mechanics of engagement
        • How to create stylish content
        • TOR to the designer
        • Rules, types, kinds, numbers of stories
        • Types of texts
        • Where and how to use triggers
        • What is a hashtag and how to use it

        Learn sales copywriting and all the social media activities that will help attract and retain potential customers for your brand.

        Assessment of the module by students:

        Module 4. Targeted advertising in Instagram, Facebook and VK

        • What’s the difference between ADS Manager and Business Manager
        • Audiences in targeting settings
        • The components of an ad
        • Creativity and its goals
        • Causes of blocking
        • Setting up targeted ads

        In this module, we’ll use examples to break down how SMM-strategy and targeting work. We’ll understand query parsing and learn the basics of targeting.

        Assessment of the module by students:

        Module 5. Working with bloggers. Mailing list in Direct. Analytics

        • The benefits of working with bloggers
        • Algorithm and strategies for working with bloggers
        • Benefits of mailing lists in Direct
        • The main mistakes of mailing lists
        • How to improve performance in the advertising cabinet
        • Advertising in VK

        You will be able to set up advertising campaigns for Facebook and Instagram.

        Assessment of the module by students:

        Module 6. TikTok. Creating an account in TikTok

        • The TikTok phenomenon
        • Audience spillovers to other sites
        • How to fill your niche
        • Account creation and design
        • How to protect your account
        • Profile analytics

        Assessment of the module by students:

        Module 1: Introduction to Internet Marketing

        • What is marketing and what is not marketing
        • Figures in marketing
        • Basic tools of a marketer
        • Marketing Complex 5P, 6P
        • Marketplace. Basic types of the market.
        • The components of the market: demand, supply, profit
        • Types of users on the Internet

        Already after the first module, you will be able to compile a CP and determine the strategy for working with the consumer in your niche.

        Assessment of the module by students:

        And I decided to start training in marketing at edugusarov.At the first class I was shocked. I did not understand anything, this was a new field for me, I learned the basic terms and definitions in marketing. I enjoyed my time with Andrei Gusarov.

        Module 2. Target audience

        • What is the target audience
        • Segmentation and segmentation methods
        • CA analysis methods
        • Who your customer is, what problem they’re trying to solve and how they’re trying to solve it
        • Character Method. Building a character map
        • The product, the value of the product
        • Mapping a product with the Xmind service

        Learn how to identify your target audience, master Xmind, and map your character and product.

        Assessment of the module by students:

        Today was the second lesson.parsed, what is the audience, made a map of the character and good, clear guidelines in the profession, I know where you can grow and about specific skills in theory, the opportunity to practice.I will again review to consolidate the material.Many tools are already in use.

        Module 3. Product. CJM. Contact points.

        • CJM. Contact points.
        • What is CJM ?
        • What are contact points?
        • How to build a CJM ?
        • SMART goal setting

        In this module you will learn how to build a CJM – customer journey map, establish contact points with your user and make business development goals using SMART criteria.

        Digital Marketing Courses

        Assessment of the module by students:

        The course online marketer for a long time gave me no peace, as soon as possible, I went straight away and did not regret Today is the third day. I have learned what is CJM, set goals for SMART. everything is still complicated)) but, the program of the course, the material and its presentation above all expectations. i have studied on many different platforms, here the treatment of students as students, not as an account that bought the course. everything is very detailed, practical, understandable and the teaching method is excellent

        Module 4. Assessing the profitability of a niche. Unit Economics

        • How to calculate profitability
        • Sales conversion, average check
        • Decomposition
        • Click-through rate prediction method
        • What is unit economy

        Learn how to make a forecasting model and estimate profitability. Get an idea of the key indicators in the unit economy and the regularities between them.

        Assessment of the module by students:

        Learn how to make a forecasting model and estimate profitability. Get an idea of the key indicators in the unit economy and the regularities between them.

        Module 5. Market and competitor analysis

        • Market and competitor analysis
        • SWOT analysis
        • Venn Diagram
        • Data Collection Tools

        Learn how to select the right criteria for competitor analysis, make a table “Visual”, grading scale, competitor analysis.

        Assessment of the module by students:

        Today we analyzed the market and competitors.We studied new tools for me.The course is certainly excellent with lots of examples and practical exercises.It allows you to feel the tools and their application.Does it take much time? If you work through the homework, yes..The information is very accessible and detailed.A special thanks to Andrew Gusarov.Very inspiring.Before me opened a huge window of opportunity.

        Module 6. Competitor analysis in social networks

        • What is a trend
        • Characteristics of a niche (seasonality, which stage of a trend it is in)
        • Using Wordstat, Google Trends, Popsters for competitive analysis
        • Analysis of competitors on YouTube

        Learn how to conduct a comparative analysis of competitors in social networks with the help of services. Learn about interesting tricks for promoting your product.

        Assessment of the module by students:

        I decided to take a marketing training course with Andrey Gusarov to refresh and systematize my knowledge. The fifth lesson today – the bomb) analyzed competitors in social networks, met with new tools such as Wordstat, Popsters, Google trends.

        Module 7. Sales funnels

        • What are sales funnels and how to create them
        • When a funnel will be effective
        • Principles of funnels
        • Leadmagnet, tripwire, main product, key element of funnel
        • What tasks advertising performs

        Clearly understand the basic steps of working with a client, and learn how to create a strong EQ. You will be able to build a funnel for your business.

        Assessment of the module by students:

        The courses in Edugusarov-internet marketer training I like every day more and more, the information gradually falls into place. Each topic covered in depth. Today I understand what is the “sales funnel”, the principles of its work. Andrew clearly explained everything and answered all the questions, even the “stupidest”.

        Module 8. Matrix Analysis. Frameworks

        • Frameworks and strategies for using them
        • AARRR and RARRA frameworks
        • JTBD concept
        • Quality Function Deployment. Using QFD. Build order
        • Marketing RDB method

        Analyze the preferences of your customers, objectively assess the advantages and disadvantages of your product.

        Assessment of the module by students:

        I decided to learn a new profession, signed up for a course in marketing.The course is difficult, because I did not have any knowledge in this area.A lot of information, but it is all structured and well thought out.Monday, for example, went through a matrix analysis, frameworks.AARRR,RARRA,JTBD,QFD,RDB-this is not just a set of letters))) Thanks to Andrew Gusarov, who explained everything in clear language.

        Module 9. Content marketing. UTP

        • What is content marketing
        • Channels of information distribution
        • Types of content and requirements for it
        • TPM. Criteria for a successful USP
        • Common mistakes
        • Distribution of users in the network by temperament
        • Choice of strategy for attracting the client

        You’ll be able to write a successful sales pitch. Learn to write articles about a product based on its strengths and weaknesses.

        Assessment of the module by students:

        The main thing for me-practical benefits and experience that I would have gained much longer and harder.That’s why I came to the course hussars.Finished eighth lesson.We learned how to create a PPM for the client based on the needs and pains,broke down the major mistakes.All very clear.Separately, I want to note that the presence of such motivators as the opportunity to get an internship and the terms of the job discipline and allow you to get into the process completely, to feel immersed in the work.

        Module 10. Design and design of the landing page

        • Basic design principles
        • AIDAS Sales Model
        • The Minto Pyramid
        • The formula of movement to purchase
        • Elements of a landing page
        • Anchors and links within the page
        • Data intake forms
        • How to increase the conversion rate on a landing page

        Learn the basic principles of design and key page elements. Learn the principles of creating a selling website.

        Assessment of the module by students:

        I recommend edugusarov internet marketing courses to everyone.Every lesson is very useful and interesting.Yesterday we dealt with design and design of landing pages, made a prototype of a landing page in Balsamic.We designed capture forms,main button,triggers,products. The lesson is clearly structured, with examples and useful links in the presentation and appendix of the webinar

        Module 11. Quiz. How to get leads

        • Why do we need a bandwagon and a quiz?
        • What is a quest
        • Types of quizzes
        • Stages of a Quiz Funnel
        • How to make a quiz
        • How to think up triggers
        • Where and how to pick up pictures
        • The constructor for a quiz

        You will be able to compose a successful resume, master every stage of media strategy, and learn how to work with objections from clients. Build a successful portfolio for employment.

        Assessment of the module by students:

        Module 12. E-mail marketing

        • What is E-mail Marketing
        • Gathering the base for E-mail newsletters
        • Segmentation of the base
        • Types of mailings
        • KPI. Tips for achieving it
        • Reputation of the sender
        • Services for E-mailing

        Learn how to do segmentation in e-mail marketing, develop a strategy and make a chain of letters for each segment.

        Assessment of the module by students:

        I finished my marketing studies at Edugusarov.Such knowledge you won’t get anywhere else.They not only explain simple truths, but give full knowledge to start in a new profession.At the last lesson we understood email marketing, learned the basic services for mailings,learned to develop a strategy,make a chain for letters.Too bad that time flew by so quickly.

        Module 13. Lesson Bonus! The rules of good manners as a marketer

        • How to write a resume
        • Preparing to communicate with clients
        • First meeting, briefing, media planning
        • Project presentation
        • Key points of concern for the client

        Assessment of the module by students:

        Block 1: Internet Marketing

        • Competitor analysis with SimilarWeb
        • Packaging (competitor) analysis
        • Prototype or changes to the current site
        • Increase of conversion of the current product (quizzes)
        • Increase of conversion of the current product (chatbots)
        • Creation of a “thank you” page and a bonus for it (lead magnet)
        • A welcome letter in SendPulse, warming up the audience, creating a warming chain
        • Working with Serpstat. Collection of data on competitors in organic output and search advertising. Analysis of the interests / problems of the target audience
        • Seo-optimization of the site
        • Drafting and correction of articles in the service

        Block 2: Contextual advertising

        • The rules of Yandex Direct and Google Ads
        • Collecting semantics and minus words
        • Ad writing
        • Generating leads
        • Loading and customizing ad campaigns
        • Setting up objectives in Google Tag Manager and integration of metrics
        • Creating remarketing lists and setting up remarketing
        • Reporting
        • Training as needed for other campaigns (Dean Search, YouTube ads, smart banners, etc.)

        Block 3: SMM

        • Analysis of target audience and needs + product
        • Analysis of competitors
        • Analysis of the account packaging – visuals, highlighters, title, profile description with PPM
        • Decomposition – to calculate the data provided. (sales volume, the required number of leads, advertising budget, profit on purchase, total costs, costs per sale). if these data are not provided, calculate the conversion rate at the funnel stages (conversion to conversion, subscription, sale).
        • Content plan for 12 posts (popsters, etc.)
        • Content plan for 40 posts (mojo, inshot, etc.)
        • Visual designer’s terms of reference for 3 posts (canva, lightroom, facetune, etc.)
        • Contest

        What our students study

        During the course, you will master a number of the most essential services and tools that Internet marketers use every day. Here’s their complete list:

        Who teaches you


        Course instructor and author

        Andrey Gusarov

        Director of GUSAROV Marketing Agency
        Top 3 speakers in internet marketing in CIS according to Aspeak rating
        Mentor of the year as voted by Global Entrepreneurship Week
        I was one of the top 30 successful entrepreneurs under 30 (too bad I’m 35 already:)

        Course Mentor

        Julia Kazarovets

        SMM-specialist in EDU GUSAROV.
        Runs targeted ads in the CIS and Europe.
        Works with budgets of $50 per day and above.

        Student cases in courses

        Would you like to do the same?

        Kentatex Bedding

        Number of increased interactions with content

        Increasing the number of covered accounts

        Increasing the number of covered accounts

        A few more examples of students

        Our students work with the accounts of real clients in the course. We teach how to develop a unified style of account maintenance, make the content bright and individual.

        We are a leader and we teach how to be a leader


        And this is not bragging, but praise for our most dedicated, enthusiastic and creative employees

        1st place

        Contextual advertising agency in the ranking

        1st place

        In the ranking of the agency to promote sites

        1st place

        In the ranking of agencies to promote sites

        3rd place

        In the ranking of SEO-companies in Belarus

        1st place

        In the ranking of the top 50 digital agencies in the baynet

        1st place

        In the ranking of SEO-studios/p>


        Read opinions from leading experts and educators from across the Commonwealth of Independent States


        Ilya Rusakov

        Head of agency and instructor at Netology, Skillbox, Business Environment, SkillFactory, Synergy

        I definitely recommend Andrei Gusarov's courses! I've been teaching myself at online schools in the field of Internet marketing for over 5 years now, and I'm familiar with this field from start to finish. I can say with confidence that EDUGUSAROV has one of the most comprehensive and high-quality courses on the online education market. Andrew shared the "inner kitchen" - a competent structure, everything is consistent, all the fundamental things are explained. After completing the course, you can safely take on and lead a project, because the knowledge is as applied as possible.

        Социальные сети:


        Alisa Bolokhovets

        CEO of BAMS Marketing Studio, SMO of Academician Grishchenko Clinic

        I recommend courses on Internet marketing from Andrei Gusarov's team. 1. Here is a collection of "not water", but the experience of active marketers and specialists of the digital market. Knowledge "from the hands" of practitioners, not theorists; 2. Comprehensive approach: marketing is a system, you can not learn 1 area and not touch the other. courses give a wide range of knowledge in different areas of modern marketing. 3. Support of the curator and a certificate upon completion. On the one hand, the answers to students' questions from a practitioner is an opportunity to immediately "feel" the labor market in practice. On the other hand, the certificate of training - is a clear advantage for employment, because Gusarova Agency is a team of well-known professionals with bright cases and results.

        Социальные сети:


        Roman Verdysh

        Private SEO-optimizer and

        I previously taught a block of SEO in EduGusarov's courses and saw how everything started. How the program was built, how it was often adjusted and improved in every way. I'm sure that now these are really the coolest courses in Internet marketing with a practical orientation. There really aren't enough specialists on the market, and it's good that there are guys who are trying to prepare them at a decent level.

        Social Media:


        Nikita Antonov

        Head of the agency "Alpha.Site", organizer of the conference "Turgenev Digital", lecturer and author of courses at SkillBox, GeekBrains, Netology.

        I recommend Andrei's course for beginners as well as for those who are already in the subject and want to systematize their skills. Their focus on practice and implementation is their main goal.

        Социальные сети:

        Андрей Гусаров и ученик курса интернет маркетинга

        Success Story

        “I want to be a grateful employee” is Margarita’s story of a quick change from a job she didn’t like.

        By the way, we have a closed chat room in which there are more than 200 companies and they need marketing and SMM-specialists. These companies are ready to take our students.

        Internship and Employment

        After completing the course, we are happy to take yesterday’s students for internships with our agency. To date, 435 people have already completed an internship and come out ready to work. What awaits you in an internship?

        Internship Program:

        And if you want more…

        …we will help you put together a portfolio and a relevant CV with advice from a practicing HR. From us you will leave not only a specialist in social media advertising, but also a marketer who knows how to correctly sell himself, what to offer the company and what is his value to the employer.

        SMM specialist salary

        Junior (от 280$ до 540$)

        Middle (от 540$ до 900$)

        Senior (от 900$ до 1800$)



        Resume after graduation:

        SMM Specialist

        Зарплата от:

        950 BYN

        Профессиональные навыки:

        • Leading social networks on a turnkey basis
        • Publish and create content on multiple social networks
        • I adjust and optimize targeting
        • I write a content plan
        • I develop SMM promotion strategies
        • I create and design appearance of communities in different social networks
        • Developing layouts for targeting
        • Engage subscribers and keep active in the account
        • I can work with opinion leaders (macro and micro-bloggers)
        • Retargeting
        • Sales funnel in social networks

        Companies that have trained with us

        Representatives of these companies know about the quality of our training. And that’s why they will gladly take our students for internships and employment!

        Fees and cost of SMM courses

        Online lectures and assignments are waiting for you, the completion of which can equate to a year of work.


        We have also negotiated an installment plan with the bank for a long period: 6/10/12/15/18/24/36 months.

        Cost: from 33 BYN/months.


        Certificates to help you find a job:

        1. At the end of the course
        2. Internship
        3. AMOCrm
        4. Video tutorials for top students
        5. International certificate (subject to passing all homework and testing)
        *only for full course: marketing + smm

        Student Reviews

        96 Internet marketing reviews on Google, 17 reviews on Yandex, 17 reviews on Facebook and that’s just for 2021!

        Free mini-course on Internet marketing

        Let me share a bonus with you: Leave an application and get a three-session mini-course to help you see if you’re ready to get started in Internet marketing.

        What does the course include?

        Three sessions of a total of two hours

        Introduction to the Internet marketing profession in 2021

        Secrets about where to start and what to do next

        Useful picks for Internet marketing newbies

        Author of the mini-course – Andrei Gusarov

        Director of GUSAROV Marketing Agency
        Top 3 speakers on Internet marketing in the CIS

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