How to know your competitor’s audience

Competitor analysis is very important to understand their way: what you can publish, what you shouldn’t, how the target audience reacts to innovations. And it is also important not just to copy competitors’ strategies, but to do better. In this material, we will tell you how to gather your competitors’ audience.

How to analyze a competitor’s audience on Instagram?

It’s important to keep in mind that your competitors may not know more than yours, and even if they do, it’s far from certain that they’re doing it right. And it’s not a fact that their strategy will work for you, either.

We also have to remember that our competitors are all accounts. There are direct ones and there are indirect ones. You have to pay attention to the direct ones, but don’t forget about the indirect ones, because you can take their idea and refine it for your niche and then publish it.

There are several levels of competitors on Instagram:

  1. Competition for attention. This is what we talked about above, bloggers, publishers, and so on – these are already competitors.
  2. Direct competitors who work in your niche.For example, you sell laptops, and in your city and country 70 other similar companies. These are your direct competitors.
  3. Analysis of competitors from the user side. When a user, what they want, they start comparing and analyzing the companies between them.

So, let’s move on to answering the question: how do I find out my competitors’ audience?

There are several ways, such as :

  1. Search for competitors on Instagram, and if you know the site, find social media links there.
  2. Search for profiles of competitors in search engines by keywords.
  3. Do searches on Instagram, by hashtags, geolocation.

It is worth emphasizing both advantages and disadvantages. Here is a sample list of things to analyze:

Product and service. What does the competitor offer? What is it better or worse? How does the communication go, etc. You even need to go through their client’s journey and assess it soberly, to understand all the fine details.

Design. Evaluate the design of the page, stories, ease of navigation and so on.

Content analysis. Look at how and what the competitor posts. How does he write? What is missing, and what is good? Would you like it or not?

Analysis of the audience.  Thanks to various services, we analyze the figures, how many subscriptions, unsubscriptions and so on. We estimate ERrich, ERview, ERpost, ERday, coverage and so on.

Prices. We analyze prices, quality, bonuses and so on.

How are they being promoted. How do competitors promote? Paid or free? How effective is it? Also evaluate the figures.

Do they work independently or enlist the help of specialists. To understand whether competitors are enlisting the help of specialists or not, you can see from the portfolio and writing style.

Estimate your budget. Look and at least roughly estimate how much your competitor has spent on advertising, specialists, and so on.

How long have they been promoting themselves.  Analyze what helped them to get such activity and subscribers for such a period. Take two bloggers: A and B, they started developing at the same time, but A – 300 thousand, and B – 10 thousand. Why is this so?

Where else? In what social networks or on what sites are they promoted? How successfully? Why did they choose these social networks?

First choose a quality service for analysis and look at your statistics and those of your competitors. Analyze and draw conclusions, don’t forget about the numbers. You can use InstaHero. С помощью его также можно почистить ботов, мусор и неактивную аудиторию, а также многое другое.

How do I see my competitors’ ads in Instagram 2022?

There are many possibilities, both free and free of charge. Of course, with its own drawbacks.

We can check targeting ads. Once you’re on a competitor’s page, click on the 3 dots at the top right, and open “account information”. And then click on “active ads”. It opens a filter in which you select:

  • language
  • platform
  • material type
  • date
  • keyword search

Next, we see three materials that fit these data.  And we see the standard posts. You can download them, analyze them, and so on. The start date of advertising is shown everywhere, which will help us make a better analysis.

Ads from bloggers.  We will find such posts where bloggers marked a competitor’s account in a post. For example, we open the account and select the box on the right side, and observe the posts. Among the advantages: free, the need for a phone with Internet access. The disadvantages include: no information about the audience and past publications, manual labor.

You can ask for help from third-party services. On the general pluses we will highlight:

  1. analysis of competitors’ posts
  2. study of the actions and audience of your competitors
  3. ease of finding performers to perform your ads.


  1. Cost
  2. Lack of a service that can resolve all issues at once and at the same time
  3. Before you buy a service, you need to analyze the services themselves

Let’s take a few examples of applications and services.


Service originally worked with bloggers, so there is a possibility: search for promotional posts and bloggers, check and analyze bloggers.

The big advantage compared to free analysis, is that you can do analysis not only of posts with mentioning, but also storis.

Also in the service it is possible to check bloggers for clicks on 91 criteria. In terms of cost, packages vary in functionality and will cost you from $10 to $100 per month.


In the service is available: search for advertising in the media, as well as statistics. To analyze it is necessary to enter the criteria for analysis. Service provides data on bloggers, but partially, which does not allow you to check bloggers for click-fraud. Of the new and unusual – in this application you can see how the blogger’s statistics grew after the publication of advertising.

Cost depends on the number of months, it is offered from 1 to 6 with a price: 1500r – 7000r.


Continuing to answer the question of how to identify your competitors’ audience, and consider this app.

It offers analysis of advertising in Instagram, Facebook, VK.

In the service there is no possibility to check bloggers. The principle of work is similar to the previous one. The cost depends on the term and activation package, but on average from 500r to 15.000 r per year, and also available corporate package, which is considered a price individually.

How to analyze competitors in social networks?

To search for competitors in social networks, we can use the SimilarWeb service. Enter a competitor’s address into the search and the service will provide statistics.

You can analyze competitors in VK through a search engine of groups with filters. Also open a competitor’s publc, click “subscribe” and more will pop up in front of you with competitors that are similar in niches.

To analyze competitors on Facebook, you need to enter keywords into the search engine in the corner of the page. Don’t forget to use a filter. You can also use the Audience Insight service. To work with the service, minimal knowledge of the competitors in your niche is possible.

To do this, enter the data into the appropriate fields and you will be able to see a list of your competitors.


To work, we narrow down by filters and keywords, as well as other details.  Even if you have a local business, it is not unreasonable to evaluate competitors from other cities.

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Yuliya Kazarovets

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