How to find a job in SMM without experience

Many smd professionals at the start of their careers wonder how to find a smd job. There are a lot of myths in this field. For example, that without experience you will never find a job. This is partly true, but many courses during training offer internships, practical assignments, and other things. The other is that if you are self-taught, take up your account and showcase it as an example.

A second fairly well-known option is to get a free client. There are plenty of chat rooms and channels to find them. A free client is a small business owner who, for whatever reason, is not running a business and needs a specialist. If for a month on a free basis, you have performed your duties well, conducted new clients, you will be offered to stay, thus gaining experience. Moreover, your mistakes will be treated with leniency. But remember that in this option is a big risk of being cheated.

Educate yourself

We’re not going to tell you that you’re unlikely to get a job without taking a course, but it will speed up your employment process. It will suit both beginners and those who have been working in the field of internet marketing for a long time. It is also important to understand that the field of smm is relatively new and rapidly evolving, therefore, your learning process should not stop at the courses. You will need to continue to take courses in additional areas (targeting, design, copywriting). To improve and gain skills, as well as it contributes to the growth of your salary.

Resume and Portfolio

The first important step when faced with the question: how to find a smm job without experience is experience and a resume.

Forget the existence of the phrases: “no experience”, “no skills”.You have it all: remember what you did in the courses, in the educational institution, personally for yourself. Elementary, you own text editors, perhaps graphic editors. You are punctual and responsible, easy to learn, and so on. Look online for options, there are actually a lot of them. But be careful, the position of student squad leader is hardly needed. The golden rule is to put in what will promote and help show your expertise in SMM.

As an option, you can recruit practice for yourself. Develop their social networks or friends, if they have their own business. With the second option is clear, but what to do for yourself? Start a new account where you will write and talk about yourself as an SMM specialist. That way, you’ll also be doing some advertising for yourself.

Sometimes, what is required is not as a smm professional, but that person who understands the field itself. Suppose you are a doctor or pharmacist by training – ask the administration of any medical institution or pharmacy, maybe they will be interested in you.

In your portfolio, add cases, examples of work that you have, and do not forget to coordinate everything with the client. Sometimes the company management is against giving detailed numbers. Then you can write in percentages, for example, the sales increased by 77%.

But there’s an unpleasant point, recruiters don’t often look at the figures, but at the popularity of the firm. And lie in the portfolio and resume is not worth it, because along with HR – specialist to the interview may come and marketing specialist.

The case must contain:

  1. Indicators were/still
  2. How long have you been working on the project?
  3. Your goals and objectives
  4. How did you meet your goals and objectives?
  5. How did you accomplish your tasks and goals?
  6. Examples of work

It is extremely rare to be contacted by your employer. Contacts are either solicited or found on their own. They ask questions about a former employee and may ask for details about a resume and portfolio. This increases the expectation of a response from the employer. This is why we recommend asking for letters of recommendation from past jobs.

Define your target audience

If you’re just starting out and moving in this direction, it’s worth deciding on your target audience. Who will you sell your services to? Businessmen, individual entrepreneurs, agencies and so on.

For example, if in the process of training you typed cases with the sphere of beauty, it is not quite appropriate to look for a client who deals with real estate.

Identify your TSR

A TPM is a unique selling proposition. Simply put, what makes you different from your competitor, what makes you better? What will be the last argument in the client’s mind when choosing you or a competitor.

For SMM-specialist it can be arguments such as experience in a particular niche, the possession of several skills (for example, targeting).

Let it be known that you are an SMM specialist

Tell us what you do now. Thanks to modern technology, this is the easiest thing to do.Employers can pay attention to anything, any little thing, even the existence of a resume or even an entire website.

We recommend the following:

  1. Tell your friends – entrepreneurs.
  2. Tell them in the media.
  3. Create a resume.
  4. Make an account on the exchanges.
  5. Join job search groups and channels.
  6. Submit your CV.

We advise to create a website last. Having a website as such does not give you any advantages. In the first place it is your resume.

But if you decide to make a website, here are some tips:

  1. Work on website builders. The most convenient is Tilda.
  2. Do not change the design of the site, make adjustments only in photos and text. But if you have experience in design – get creative.
  3. Buying a domain engaged only after the first customers from the site.

Not all at once

Being able to do everything and more is an important point these days, but if you’re off the coast, you should hold off. You shouldn’t rush to work in all media, lead different niches, or take on different kinds of tasks. That’s bad for a number of reasons:

  1. You will have confusing information about social media.
  2. You will be in a hurry to meet all the deadlines.
  3. You won’t be able to focus on one thing at a time.
  4. You may burn out quickly.

You assume yourself, you came for a manicure, and he is also a hairdresser, and a masseur, and an eyebrow specialist, and so on. Yes, perhaps the man is experienced and knows a lot, but not at the beginning of his career.

The main thing you need is to find yourself. If you find that you like to make creatives and design a feed on Instagram – you will make money from design. Figure out what niche you like to work in more? Writing about coffee shops or about trade shows? But when do you get new skills? The answer is simple, as soon as you reach a high level of professionalism in your business.

Be honest.

Do not lie on your resume or at the interview. This will not help you find the answer to the cherished question: “smm how to find a job”. even embellish, because the recruiter who is interviewing you may start asking follow-up questions or immediately offer you a test assignment. Or even worse, they will take you right away and put you in functions that you haven’t even heard of, but said you were good at, so that they will approve your candidacy.

Also, people often send resumes to an organization in 2019 and write that they have no experience in the medical niche, but in 2022 they already report that they have over 5 years of experience working with medical facilities. HR professionals keep resumes for years and come back to them when needed.

Grow your social capital

Your social capital is your social circle, the people you know and connect with. Take advantage of this. Get to know company executives, colleagues, people who work in related niches. All of this will help you find a job that you “know”. This is a very effective way to find a place of employment. This way you can easily solve your question: how to find a job as a cm specialist?

Check employers

This is already a new stage. They have looked at your resume and offered you an interview. Find as much information as you can about the organization, who the company’s client is, how they work with clients, how they treat employees (if you manage to communicate with future colleagues it will be nice) and so on.

If you choose to work in an agency, it may be quite young. In such a situation there is nothing bad, but it is unlikely that you will be promised a large wage. So if you see such an agency, about which few people know, but the head is a specialist in his case, then be sure to take the risk. It is possible that in the beginning you will be working for three people, and it’s not because of the economy. Most likely, the company has not established internal communication, and it takes time.

Clarify responsibilities.

Each agency works in its own way. In some agencies, the test task is given by the content manager, and somewhere by the SMM specialist. It is necessary to agree on the shore, and conclude a dialogue where you can specify all the responsibilities. Sometimes a briefing may be required, and this is absolutely normal.

Also, the contract should specify the working day and possible overtime, as well as the procedure for their payment.

Stay tuned for more updates

Sign up and read the publishers about cmm, internet promotion, marketing, and your client’s niche. But it’s not enough to subscribe and turn off the sound, you have to read and consciously absorb the information. After work, everyone can spare 10 to 20 to watch the news while on the road.

But you shouldn’t overdo it either. A measure is good in everything. If your messenger channel is recommended by all known SMM-specialists, but you do not like reading it, you should not. Go back there after some time.  Let the place of 2 such pages will be one, which you will read with pleasure and with loss of time.

And now what?

Use about 80% of your time to spread the word about yourself. Once you find a project, take some time to work on the project and educate yourself.

You can make an account on social networks or a blog, where to broadcast their work, successes, and so on.

You can make a blog on your site, but it will make little sense. Just because no one will come to the site, and drive traffic to it is an unnecessary waste of resources: money, time, effort. The easiest way to start with the help of social networks.

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Yuliya Kazarovets

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