How to conduct social networking b2b-projects

This is a really important and difficult question So how to maintain a social media account for a pastry chef, a psychologist or a lawyer is clear. But if the question becomes for a large company? You can’t post memes and facts there.

Why B2B social networks?

The main question to start with is “why?” To promote such accounts resort to smm for b2b. Social networking solves several problems at once:

  1. Creating and building the image of the company.

In a large b2b reputation is very important, because they talk about you based on the opinion of others. Therefore, the main purpose of maintaining an account becomes – the broadcasting of your image, purpose, mission in the media. Such a message should translate what should be said about you. For example, reliability, quality, attentiveness, etc.

  1. Informing customers.

It is also necessary to maintain a publicity page so that your clients know about important changes in the life of your firm. It is common to share information about events, leadership changes, birthdays, and other events with your target audience. This type of context also relates to building your firm’s image.

  1. Increased loyalty. 

An obvious point, it seems to us, but many people forget about it or do not know about it at all. As everywhere else, in B2B, it is also important to increase and retain customer loyalty at the right level, which everyone determines for themselves.

  1. Work on the HR brand of the company. Based on the previous points, people may want to work for you, and this way you just speed up the search for a candidate for the position you want. It will be enough to post a vacancy in the group, as the responses will come.
  2. Work with clients.

This item includes both working with them directly and looking for new ones. In any company of this type you should not count on emotional and spontaneous purchases, they are made by seriously considering and so on. The task of smm for b2b is to show the expertise and professionalism of specialists in your field to close objections from potential customers. In this area it is worth to work gradually to sell, rather than shoving “in the head.

But this is all about new customers, and what about those who have already bought? Depending on the product, you should also work with them. Collect feedback, motivate them to bring friends, leave feedback, talk about you in their media, hold contests and promotions, and, of course, get them interested in buying again.

How to conduct corporate social networks?

Like any other field, there are requirements, so:

  1. Content should be posted periodically. This means that your posts should not go out every day or once a month. Optimally – 2-3 times a week, but it all depends on your below. This is the difference from the usual SMM, where the posts are posted every day, or even a couple of times a day.
  2. Quality. Iz – due to the fact that the posts are posted less frequently, it is possible to improve their quality. Try to do the original material, which no one or few people have laid out. Close the pains of the audience, demonstrate expertise. Posts along the lines of “How’s your day going?” – right out of the way. Only business-related stuff here.

From this we get: infrequent but quality content.

It is necessary to publish content that is of a different type. Let’s start in order:

  1. Reputational. This way you can show your expertise, and close the objections of your clients. This includes reviews, but the most trusted of late are photos, or better yet, video reviews. Where it will show your product in action, if there is such a possibility. To this type of content also belongs popular in recent times – these are cases. They publish a summary of the work done, preferably in numbers. This increases the persuasiveness.
  2. Useful. This content, compared to the previous one, is simpler for both sides: for the specialist – the simplicity, and for the user – also the simplicity, but in getting the information. Here, as a rule, the information is published in both features, which can be useful. In the format of tests, digests and so on.  In this content plays a big role design – it should attract attention, be bright and original, but do not forget about the convenience!
  3. Informational. This includes all the information about the work and activities of the company. When publishing such content, you have to stick to one style, both of writing and of design. Often, such content is published in cycles, i.e. whole chains. Such subtexts are made for events, usually.

These are the main three pillars on which the main goal is to build the image of the company.

Also, when creating posts, you need to keep in mind the peculiarities of B2B:

  1. The customer does not make a decision immediately, but does a global analysis of competitors, the quality and even the decision to buy a product depends on the personal relationship of the person to your company, which is why the image is so important. It is also worth understanding that if we are talking about a large product, different people can search, analyze and even buy it. Exactly because of this you need to be able to have a positive impact on everyone, it is very difficult and almost impossible.
  2. Trust. If the client over several years got used to one company, it is not the fact that he will turn to another, even if there are favorable features in this product. It is explained by the habit.It works in 2 ways, as well as that if you attract a client, it is unlikely he will leave you, and that you will be difficult to entice clients to you.
  3. Interest. In the case of this type of business, both parties are interested in cooperation, on the most favorable terms.
  4. Media is not a B2B habitat. This means that your goods are unlikely to be searched in social networks, as they are expensive and of high quality, so they usually choose websites, not social networks. Although, it seems to us that it is a matter of time. Office repair services advertises in TikTok. So this item will soon disappear.

When working with B2B, it’s important to know that the rules with B2C are unlikely to work, especially in smm. Here are the basic mistakes:

  1. The B2B sphere has no direct customers in social networks! This is not true, it is a misconception not clear who led, when, and most importantly why. It’s just important to choose a social network and conduct it competently. For example, if you need office cleaning, and the question just hangs in the air, and then suddenly the advertising. You clicked on it, and there competently closed all your objections and questions, and a nice bonus – quickly responded to the request.
  2. Lack of strategy. Absolutely wrong way for an expert in sms. In other words, it is putting out publications when it is convenient, anything and in any order. Naturally, this approach will interest and generate little interest. Carefully study the question to understand who to target advertising, whose objections to close, and so on.
  3. Quantity is better than quality. Yes, there are people who still believe it. And not only do they believe it, they are working to increase the number of likes, followers, reposts, and so on, not to increase sales and applications. It is also important that a qualified manager accepts requests, social networks can work well, but due to mistakes of the manager, the client can fall away. Therefore, it is important to monitor and verify the entire customer journey.

For some reason many people forget about the relevance of information. It must be fresh and verified. That is the posting of photo sessions and information which is already a year old is ineffective, because the client came to you today, not a year ago.

Based on all the previous information there is a question: what social network to choose? Let’s make a little guide on them.


Yes, since 2018 the social network tends to be a family network, but the number of tools for business here is still a lot. Learn more about how to promote in this particular media, use the tips mentioned above. Do not forget about the fact that you can mix ways to promote: to lead a community and email – mailing list, and so on.

Video cover. Thanks to her you can stand out against other competitors. At least you’ll attract attention to yourself, and that’s not bad. A big plus is that it is loaded with other videos on the page. You can add tags, as well as targeting it.

Stories. They make it easy for you to get in front of your customer. In Stories, you can talk about what’s going on right now in the company, broadcast from an event, do warm-ups, and more. The principle is the same as with Instagram.

Store. The block on the main page, immediately says that here you can make a purchase directly in the social network. This is convenient, and most importantly shortens the customer journey. You can promote this block through posts, mentioning your products in them.


Many B2B companies ignore this social network because it is more about the visual aspect and does not sell in the moment. Here it helps to work with clients: respond to comments, subscriptions, and likes. Warm them up, reveal secrets and share content.


This video hosting mainly publishes webinars, broadcasts and organic content.

First of all, you can embed the content on your site with a direct link.

Secondly, you can claim to be an expert.

Here it is also important to shoot with the right subject matter and a professional camera.


The big advantage is that you have to catch the news in the moment. The news appears and disappears instantly, if you have time, wait for likes and comments.

Make media reposts, many people like to discuss and comment on news.

Several features set Twitter apart:

Private lists – in these you can, create lists for media, competitors and create information there

Hashtags. With them, you can increase visibility with hashtags, attract attention and more.

Where to advertise B2B?

Facebook and Vkontakte retargeting, as well as other social networks, are most suitable for this business sector. As an option, you can advertise on thematic platforms, as well as email newsletters.

  1. Events. It is necessary to communicate with the target audience directly. Now it is possible to conduct meetings in both ways. It is possible to conduct online classes, broadcasts and others.
  2. Lead magnets.  Here you can write different keywords, check lists, and so on.
  3. Professional groups. Communicate with colleagues in thematic chats and groups.

How to increase B2B brand awareness?

1. Define the TSR

But it’s important to figure out what kind of a PPM that suits your target audience, not based on ability. Show your customers what they get out of using your products. The better you understand your target audience, the more effective you will be.  Also, don’t forget to analyze direct and indirect competitors.

2.Use social media.

That’s what our entire article is about.

3.Assess whether your audience

Evaluate whether the communication is effective in the media, on the website and so on. Does the work meet the expectations of your audience, because this is the most important thing. You need to consider both qualitative and quantitative indicators in order to make a conclusion about the effectiveness of communication.

How to promote services for business?

  1. Create a company website. You can work with the site yourself, but it is more advantageous to contact a specialist. Here you can place any useful information, in principle, the same as in social networks, but not duplicate.
  2. SEO.  These are activities to improve the visibility and importance of your company in the search engine.
  3. Content marketing. This type of promotion implies working with relevant and interesting information to increase audience loyalty.
  4. Contextual advertising. This advertising is like – as if pursuing your target audience on the Internet. The great advantage is that only your CA sees it.
  5. Media advertising. The purpose is to attract the attention of customers. For example, banners, videos and others.
  6. E- mailing list. In this case, you use a database of addresses of customers and make a mailing of information on them.
  7. Video marketing. This video clips of different kinds on video hosting, social networks, on the website and so on.
  8. CPA marketing. This type of promotion is new in the CIS countries. This is roughly speaking a service for a service. That is, you motivate a person to register on the site, subscribe to an e-mail mailing list, purchase a product or service and receive for this material reward.
  9. PR is an article. This tool works over time. Thanks to the placement of materials on various sites, you increase the image and brand recognition.
  10. Social networks. Using this tool you can easily communicate with your audience, inform users and other things. But you should not duplicate them with each other, use all or copy information from the site.