How to become an SMS specialist from scratch

In this material, we will answer the main question – how to become a sought-after smm – manager.

An SMM specialist is someone who works to promote a public person, brand, or event using social media. This means that it’s not just about social media, but about building and building a brand. According to statistics, in 2022 more than 75% of companies are already using social media, but this is just the official statistics, and in fact almost everyone is using it, even the smallest companies. Because promotion through media is the most profitable and popular way of promotion, that’s why most people ask the question: “how to become an SMM”.

But it should be understood that the SMM-specialist is actually a whole marketer. Smm – managers in most cases work remotely, but the main wish for employment is a full-time job, because such people perform a long list of tasks that require diligence, attentiveness, responsibility and other qualities. That’s why SMM specialists get paid quite a lot for their work. SMM specialists perform a number of additional tasks, such as: attending meetings and events, keeping track of expenses and income, preparing reports and much more.

The enemy of the person who asks the question “how to become an SMM from scratch” is poor self-presentation. Many people think they will sit at home at the computer or on the beach writing material on social media drinking a cocktail, but in reality it is a job in an office, in an office with managers, designers, employees and the director of the company, and the list of people does not end there.

What are the responsibilities of an SMM-specialist?

In order to describe the vacancy in as much detail as possible, we analyzed more than 50 vacancies on job search sites, and in telegram channels, exchanges, and “by acquaintance”. Thanks to this analysis, a list of questions that cm-specialist have to fulfill was compiled. Those who ask the question “how to become an smm”, well, or a job seeker employers impose the following conditions:

Quality promotion of a product, brand, event through social networks. The analysis takes into account the number of subscribers and unsubscribes from the account, the frequency of unsubscribing and a detailed portrait of the audience.

Work with targeting advertising, its maintenance and analytics of the work process. In this case, the person is asked to prepare reports on the indicators: views, conversions, conversions by targeted actions, and other indicators.

Creating and publishing quality content in the media. It is necessary to form unique proposals, so they can interest their audience and move them to action – an order or a purchase of a product or service.

Know how to work with situational content. SMM manager must be able to think up, create and conduct interesting contests and promotions. In this case, attention is paid to the activity and interest of users and subscribers.

Manage the budget. Need to keep track of costs, to plan the budget for the week, month, six months, even a year.

Work with statistics. A very important point, but not at all obvious. Few people pay attention to statistics, but thanks to it, you can change the promotion strategy and come out in the big plus. Smm specialist must be able to analyze statistics, draw conclusions.

Smm specialists should be able to work with the sales funnel, warm up the audience, work on brand recognition and increase the loyalty of the target audience.

How much are SMM managers paid?

There is no specific standard rate for such professionals. The salary will depend on many factors: experience, portfolio, basic and additional skills, region, company size, list of responsibilities, and others. Thanks to statistical data, the average salary of these specialists in the Russian Federation is 32,000 rubles. This is the salary for people working full-time.

You can also use the popular job search site HeadHunte and explore the information. Among the offers, you can find where applicants are offered from 300,000 rubles. People who wondered “how to become an smm specialist” and fulfilled their goal can count on 30,000 – 60,000 rubles per month, with a full-time job.

From “how to become an smm manager” to “specialist of his own business” people pass soon enough. Such rates are relevant to almost all digital professions. Sometimes candidates can become leaders in just a few months. If you start at a regular agency, it’s quicker and easier to achieve success. To build a successful career, you need to possess the skill of analysis, as well as to achieve the set KPIs.

For the SMM – manager, new horizons are often open, especially at the stage of not just being a beginner, but when a person asks the question “how to become an SMM manager”. Since the profession is quite new and dynamic. When there is employment with large companies or even an agency ask for a job with some functions. This list includes managing the work of designers, copywriters, tagetologists or even performing their duties, but of course for an additional fee, although sometimes customers are cheeky and consider it as a commitment in itself.

On the plus side of the job, we included:

It is possible to learn quickly. You can become an SMM specialist after graduating in journalism or philology, or from a completely different profession that has nothing to do with working with texts. The fact is that SMM can be learned very quickly, you also need the zeal to write texts, to be creative, to learn quickly, to analyze news for possible fakes.

New acquaintances and personal growth. SMM specialists do not often need to create a personal social media account or even become opinion leaders. However, if a specialist has created author content for a company, their work will be the face of the brand and will speak on their behalf.

The ability to easily change scale. Not everyone is willing to “work as both a harvester and a player,” and social media marketing often requires just that. But with experience in SMM you can “painlessly” enter copywriting, design, targeting or start, for example, a personal blog without years of retraining.

The disadvantages include:

  1. It’s a lot of work. And there’s something a person just can’t do. It turns out that if the company does not have a designer, PR-manager and tagetologist, then the SMM-specialist must work overtime.
  2. A close relationship with technology. As we have already understood that you have to search and prepare all day, and think about content and trends. So it depends on the tech, its charge, the availability of stable Wi-Fi and many other factors.
  3. Negative management. Communicating with the public is also the responsibility of the SMM specialist, and you must be prepared for the fact that not all subscribers will be grateful for your work and wish you success. The ability to respond competently to criticism without taking negativity personally is highly valued in this field.

How to become an smm from scratch?

To understand all the charms of the profession, you need experience. You can experiment with your own account, or you can create a community or a group and work with it.

At a minimum, you can have a 14-day internship in our agency under the guidance of an experienced specialist.

Well, if you decide to try or even learn on your own, it’s relatively easy. Social media has taken care of its interface; it’s easy and intuitive. Any candidate who is interested in how to become a smm manager from scratch can easily understand and figure out how to set up a social media account. But knowing how to do it is only a base. For further development, you need to be able to do the following:

  1. You have to be literate. No one would want to read the posts of both a little-known and a popular brand with any mistakes. Literacy is the first thing a user pays attention to when he sees a brand’s accounts. Yes, now many services correct errors, or at least indicate them, but this is not always enough.
  2. Knowledge of marketing skills. Many specialists in this field can be helped by at least a basic knowledge of economics.
  3. Skill in copywriting. SMM specialist must be able to write in an interesting way. So that after the title, the target audience did not just want to finish reading the text, but to interact with it.
  4. Analytical skills. As mentioned above, the specialist must be able to analyze the information and make a final conclusion for further work to correctly adjust the promotion strategy.
  5. Creativity. The responsibilities include the creation of something new: contests, promotions, creation of creatives for targeting, design and so on. Yes, sometimes the designer and the copywriter do it, but an expert should control their work, know how to do it correctly and be ready to help them.
  6. The ability to work with modern technology. An extensive item, this includes everything, both text and graphic editors. Since SMM-specialist design can create itself, as well as make changes to it.

All of these skills can be brought up on your own, but it takes time. There is also no guarantee that you yourself will understand all the details and nuances. It is possible and even better if you take training courses, which are created by professional SMM-specialists.

How do I choose a “how to become a smmc” course?

There are a few main recommendations when choosing a training course for yourself, because now infobusiness is very relevant.

For example,

The duration of the course. It is very good when it is divided into stages. The program should last about 4 months. It is not recommended to enroll on courses that promise to teach everything in a couple of weeks. You might be taught some basics, but do not make you a highly qualified and paid specialist.

Forming a personal portfolio. This will help with employment, as well as generate yourself a decent paycheck.

Time for self-education. Some knowledge quickly becomes outdated and you need to quickly learn something from scratch and in a new way, to update information and to overlay on already existing knowledge. It is a never-ending process, it is necessary not only during training, but also afterwards.

These recommendations will help you to become a good specialist, by finding a worthy course to study.

How to become an smm manager from scratch? – What books will help?

You have to read at least a couple of books when you’re learning, they will introduce you to the basics. Here are the main ones:

  • “Promotion of VKontakte business. New practices and technologies” by Dmitry Rumyantsev.
  • “100 Practical Hacks for Internet Marketers,” Evgeny Kryukov.
  • “Marketing in Social Networks,” Damir Khalilov.
  • “Guerrilla marketing in social networks,” Sergey Shcherbakov.
  • “Facebook – the effect for business and self-publishing”, Olga Filina.
  • “Content, Marketing and Rock and Roll,” Denis Kaplunov.
  • “Copywriting of Mass Destruction,” Denis Kaplunov.
  • “Ogilvy on Advertising,” David Ogilvy.
  • “Copywriting. How Not to Eat the Dog. Creating texts that sell,” Dmitry Kot.

To work in the field of SMM you need to be familiar with web analytics, copywriting. All of these areas are very closely linked.

How to become an smm specialist from scratch? – What courses will help?

As has been said, infobusiness is very popular right now. At the moment the following schools are popular.


Of the advantages – an extensive program, during the training the following issues are raised:

  • creation of content that is interesting to the target audience
  • development of an effective promotion strategy
  • creation of unusual design to stand out among competitors
  • work with video marketing tools
  • full analytics skills in SMM

As a bonus, you’ll get a block on sales. Professionals will know how to find clients in social networks and how to retain them. The course is suitable for everyone: beginners, students, mothers on maternity leave.

The training takes place online. Students have access to lectures, homework. There is communication with the teacher. The course lasts a month, after you get help in finding a job and a certificate.

Webcom Academy

The course includes the following topics: creating a content plan for the needs of the target audience.

  • content-planning
  • customizing targeting advertising
  • choosing the best promotion strategy

The course will be useful for advertising and marketing professionals, newcomers, entrepreneurs, and executives. The course takes place over a month and a half.

After successfully passing the test and checking the knowledge, students receive a state diploma.


The course includes the following topics:

  • creation of a content plan for the interests of the target audience
  • creating a strategy and content plan for successful promotion
  • setting up targeting advertising
  • study of the characteristics of social networks.

The course is suitable for beginners, marketing specialists, freelancers. The duration of the course is 2 months. At the end of the training all receive a certificate.

Important tips for those just starting out in the profession:

All specialists who have just begun to promote themselves in this field must be prepared to continually learn and improve their skills. You need to improve your expertise and versatility. In the first case, experience will help. In the second, only your diligence in working independently. Any client wants an SMM – specialist knows how to promote effectively and quickly through social networks. But you need to know how to do this: interact with your own, work with design and material and much more.

To improve your own experience, you need to acquire skills in graphic editors and video editors. Right now, there is access to open classes on targeting advertising, or you can take a professional course. Only by doing this competently can you become a versatile professional who will be in demand by popular corporations and agencies.