How to become an SMM-specialist and find a job in 3 months

Now it’s hard to imagine a world without social networks. Almost everyone has a personal account, so many businesses are moving to social networks as well. But not everyone can manage a social media account or group, but only trained people who know how to do it. Such people are called SMM-specialists.

What does it take to become an SMM-specialist?

Willingness to learn

Saying that you are ready to learn, that you learn new skills easily is a good thing. But it is important to be able to demonstrate what you can do. First of all, study theory, even if it’s free.

You must:

  1. know the basics of marketing and communication theory;
  2. Have basic knowledge of SMM;
  3. understand how targeting and retargeting work (or at least have an idea of what they are);
  4. Have a basic knowledge of web analytics;
  5. be able to work in various editors.

Find an interesting blog for yourself, subscribe to profile channels and messenger chats. It is not enough just to sit in chats – it is important to communicate with colleagues and learn from their experience, join in discussions, and learn something new.


Getting one at the start of a career is the hardest, but there are several options. The first is to get a job as an assistant. There is a huge competition among such jobs because being an assistant means getting experience by learning.

The second option is to work for free. In other words, to work for a “free client”. Usually you work for a few months, during which you show the client your experience and skills, and you achieve some success. After that, you can move on to a paid basis or look for another client.

“Free client” can be found among acquaintances nail service masters, hairdressers and so on. Try to tell as many people as possible that you are willing to bring them new clients, and for free.

The third option – to work on the idea. In other words, work for a non-existent client: to think of a promotion strategy, to study the target audience, write a content plan, and so on.


If you have found the answer to the question “How to become an SMM-specialist from scratch,” you can safely move on to the next stage. This is the job search, which begins with a resume.

An SMM specialist resume is no different from any other resume. Talk about your experience, education, skills, achievements, tell a little about yourself, attach a portfolio. Refrain from templates, which no one is looking at: “stress-resistant”, “responsible”, etc.

Separately, include your experience before you moved into marketing. Write what you’ve worked as: maybe your future management needs exactly that kind of person. The fact is that people who work in more than one field are popular. For example, a doctor, who is engaged in programming, will help to create a medical app, and will take into account all the subtleties of development.

What should be included in the resume of an SMM-specialist?

  1. References to past projects.
  2. Time of work with the project.
  3. Function in previous projects.
  4. Portfolio with posts, stories, etc.

Intensified job search

Small agencies are willing to hire you even without much experience. Respond to all offers, and on the fifth or sixth time you will definitely be invited for an interview. Do your job search not only on specialized websites, but also in various channels and chat rooms, as well as on the resources of the organizations themselves.

Can I teach myself the basics of SMM?

As with anything, there are several ways to learn.

  1. Work with your account. You can keep a personal profile, or you can start another account just about you, as a specialist, and promote yourself there. This will be a competent step, thanks to which Instagram will recommend you only to interested users. Moreover, you will be able to study the theory additionally and put it into practice in your account.
  2. Take a specialized course. When choosing a course, pay attention to the duration of the training, the issuance of a certificate and the creation of a portfolio. The duration of the training should be an average of 3-4 months. Be wary of courses that promise to prepare a specialist in a couple of weeks.
  3. A portfolio will demonstrate that you have practiced during the training. A certificate will be a nice bonus.
  4. Develop yourself constantly. Your training doesn’t stop with the courses. Look for new information, read channels, adopt the experience of your colleagues.

Additional tips:

  1. Explore popular social networks such as Instagram, VKontakte, and TikTok. Refer to them both during training and in your job search.
  2. Expand your specialization. Gain additional skills in targeting advertising, copywriting, design, etc. This will help improve your skills or become your additional profession.
  3.  Adopt the ideas of your colleagues. But don’t just borrow them, but improve them by working through their weaknesses.

How much does a novice smsman earn?

Media is used by many businesses, including start-ups. The number of vacancies for smm-specialist is constantly increasing. And this despite the fact that the number of inquiries from the category of “How to become an SMM-specialist?” is increasing daily.

The salary depends on your experience and the responsibilities entrusted to you.

  • A novice SMM-specialist. He has few responsibilities, which corresponds to a small payment. On average, it ranges from 5,000 rubles per project and up to 40,000 – for a full working day.
  • A specialist with experience. Salary increases, as does the number of duties. In this case, additional skills play a role. Payment – from 70,000 to 90,000 rubles.
  • Professional. Such specialists hire assistants and simply control the work. Salary – from 150,000 to 200,000 rubles.

SMM specialists with a lot of experience create their own agencies and hire specialists. Many SMM-specialists, knowing the details of promotion, open their own business.

What does a beginner need?

The ability to build strategies

SMM-specialists must think ahead, that is, to understand that the information they received yesterday may be useful tomorrow.


After the SMM-specialist has thought out a strategy, it needs to be implemented. At this stage, you need to pay attention to the little things and details, and have good self-discipline to make yourself work in one direction or another.3.Work with accounts.

A specialist needs to work with all the media of the organization, that is, to devote time to all in equal measure. It should not be that VK is developing well, and Facebook is updated once a week. You need to respond to posts and comments in all media.


Your content needs to keep your audience engaged. For example, the audience likes your vacuum cleaners, they even buy them, but why subscribe to you? But if the content is really interesting and useful, people will subscribe and interact with the materials. In the future, perhaps you’ll start selling teapots, and thus promote your product. This is just about the first point – strategy.


You need to understand what kind of content works best for your audience. What times your audience is more active, how to motivate them to respond, etc. In other words, you need to know how to make an ordinary subscriber a customer who is willing to pay for a product.

The fact is that if a person needs your product, he will definitely find money for it. And if the client is still a potential client, it means that you have failed to convince him.

Copywriting skills

You have to write in an interesting and engaging way, so that your post grabs you right from the headline or, at the very least, from the first lines. To do this, you may need to go into additional training.

Knowledge of marketing

An SMM specialist cannot do without experience in marketing or at least a basic understanding of it. An SMM specialist must constantly change to suit the conditions of the market, which has recently been updated on a daily basis.

Working with analytics

An SMM manager should be able to analyze his own account as well as that of his competitors. We remind you of the big calculations and turn to the first point – the strategy.

Communication skills

An SMM specialist must be able to work not only with his audience, but also with his team and colleagues. It is important not only to motivate and interest the project, but also to solve all questions and problems in time.

Is it possible to make money on SMM?

Summarizing all of the above, we confidently answer: “Yes.” But you need to understand how many functions will fall on you after you come to SMM:

  1. creation, design and development of media accounts;
  2. analyzing their work, the work of competitors, market analysis;
  3. development of a promotion strategy, building brand image;
  4. setting up targeted advertising;
  5. work with the budget and the creation of reports;
  6. communication with management, colleagues, audience;
  7. content creation and work with it;
  8. interaction with bloggers;
  9. achievement of set KPI goals ;
  10. planning and organizing contests, raffles, and other activities.

In addition, soberly assess the pros and cons of the job. Here are the main points.


  1. Unfixed list of duties that depend on the employer.
  2. Competition. Many new specialists appear every day.
  3. The need to stay in touch all the time: anything can happen to the brand at any moment.
  4. Working either in the office or remotely. If you are used to working in the office, you will have to wean yourself off, as well as vice versa, although you can always try to negotiate and find a compromise.
  5. High volume of routine work.
  6. Danger of encountering cheating or fraud. Study the various “blacklists” even at the initial stage.


  1. Ease of learning and transition to work.
  2. High remuneration.
  3. Possibility to deal with several projects at the same time.
  4. Possibility to work remotely.
  5. Constant demand for such specialists.
  6. Fast development in the profession.