Facebook Pixel: what it’s for and how to set it up

What is a facebook pixel?

It is an analytics tool created by the company of the same name that allows you to measure the results of your advertising. Pixel makes it possible to study people’s actions on your site to then use this data for Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns.

Once you install the JavaScript code on your site, the service will begin to collect data about users who have used your site. For example, you’ll learn about age, gender, geolocation and more.

This information can and should be used when launching a targeting service. By owning such small details, but no less important about your target audience you can increase awareness and turnover.

The pixel code is created in advance in your personal Facebook account, and it is individual in nature. To make it work it needs to be installed on your site and start tracking.

Why do you need a Facebook pixel?

This tool solves several problems simultaneously, for example:

  1.  Target

Pixel will allow you to divide your audience into segments and show ads only to those to whom they are really useful. For example,

Ads for those who have used the site in the last month, week or day.

For those who made some action on the site: order, put in the shopping cart, leave contacts, and so on.

Advertising for active users of your platform. Those who frequently visit it and “leave traces”.

  1. Analysis of advertising effectiveness

This point is also important in answering the question why do I need Facebook Pixel ?

After installing the service, you will be able to track events in the Ads Manager. Thanks to it, you can see the behavior of users on the site who came to it from a Facebook or Instagram ad. You will also find out what is the price of the target action of your subscriber.

  1. Optimization of advertising companies.

Facebook is able to track different actions performed on the site, such as purchasing an item. It is also possible to set up the “optimization for conversions” function, so ads will appear for those who are more likely to complete an action.

  1. Creating a look-alike audience.

This is an audience that is interested in the same product as yours. That is, the tool captures everyone who has performed an action on your site and is searching for a similar audience. Those whom the pixel has found are shown your ads.

What is the pixel for?

This is a similar tool to Facebook. It is used to retarget people who have visited the site or performed an action on it. Pixels has similar tasks and features.

You will also be able to:

  1. Remind customers and users about your company, target them with promotions and gifts.
  2. Increase repeat sales.
  3. Conduct an analysis of the target audience.
  4. Remove users used for future advertising.

How do I adjust the VK pixel?

It’s under advertising, on the side menu. Click on the targeting / retargeting button, and then click on “create a pixel”.

Then fill in the fields:

  1. name – enter a simple name, so you can easily remember the site and associate it with the pixel
  2. domain – the address of the site
  3. site topic

Do not forget to save the information.

After the code is generated, it must be inserted into the site in the appropriate field.

How do I adjust the Facebook and Instagram pixel?

Since Instagram and Facebook have the same owner, they share the same setup process and personal account.


  1. You need to go to Events Manager in your personal Facebook account.
  1. Click on “add new source” and select “Facebook Pixel”.
  2. Then fill in the fields: the address of the site and the name of the tool, similarly with VK.
  3. Click on the continue button.
  1. The window will display several ways to install the pixel: with partners or manually. First about the first method. If you do not cooperate and do not use their services, it is better not to start at first, to simplify your life.

If you choose the second way, click on the appropriate button and copy the code. After this code is sent to our site.

How do I check the Facebook pixel?

To test the service, send test traffic to your site. After the test, you will be given a report. In it you will be able to see the data collection, then everything works well.

You can also use the Facebook Pixel Helper extension for Google Chrome.

If the pixel works, then the icon will be blue and you will see codes in the open window.