Facebook’s Creator Studio replaces hundreds of delayed posting services, newsletters, replies to messages, and more. This tool will improve and simplify your life!

What is Creator Studio?

This is a service that Facebook released. It allows you to effectively manage the statistics and postings in the corporation’s social networks.

What are the benefits?

  1. You do everything in one program, i.e. you don’t have to switch between services and accounts.
  2. Full analytics of Facebook and Instagram posts.

Who is this tool for?

Creator Studio is suitable for every business that often places content on its pages. The service is also useful for bloggers, because you can easily track statistics.

Features of the tool:

  1. Publication of materials.
  2. Content preparation.
  3. Rapid interaction with the audience.
  4. Promotion of publications.

It is very easy to use, pleasant and user-friendly interface, and there are tips that replace the full training.

Where can I find Creator Studio?

Go to http://business.facebook.com/creator/studio/.

At the top there is an option to switch between articles. The interface is divided into several parts. On the left are the tools, in the middle are the published content for a certain period of time, and on the right are the statistics for 7 days.

The Facebook tab shows groups and pages where you have admin or editor rights. Instagram pages need to be added by yourself.

How do I connect Instagram to Creator Studio?

In the Instagram tab, click “link account.

You can quickly and easily switch between pages.

The “Content Library – Publications” section contains all the analytics on publications. It is possible to filter by a certain type of content. You can also select separately by date of publication, drafts and so on.

Also thanks to the filter you can find a publication for any period of time. By clicking on a certain post you can see the analytics specifically for it.

Right in this menu you can: edit the post, promote the publication, delete it, change the privacy settings.


The section is displayed differently for the 2 social networks. Let’s first look at Facebook as an example.

The “Statistics-Results” section contains detailed statistics on your content.

The “Statistics-Loyalty” section contains information on the views of the video, their depth and so on. Information for 7 days.

In the “Statistics-Audience” section, there is information on your subscriber portrait.

Next, let’s look at statistics for Instagram.

“Statistics-Activities”: this section contains information about reaches, views, and so on for the week

The Audience-Statistics section contains information about your account’s target subscribers.

How do I post to Instagram using Facebook Creator Studio?
With this service, you can post different types of content and even defer publications.

Click “create a post” and enter the information.

You can duplicate the post on Facebook by checking the box. But if you’re doing delayed posting, then you have to post separately.

The “inbox” section contains messages, comments, and so on.

All questions about monetization will be answered in the appropriate section.

The “soundtracks” section contains tracks that you can add to your clips.

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Yuliya Kazarovets

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